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A Fresh Perspective On Cleaning

  • Drill Scrub Brush, Game Changer!

    Imagine having a jam packed day filled with multiple houses to scrub clean.  Cleaners are only human, all of that scrubbing eventually takes a toll.  The drill scrub brush has been a game changer for us! For full time cleaners working smarter and not harder is absolutely necessary.  Cleaners must find ways to be efficient and save time.  The drill scrub brushes do exactly that! 
  • How Businesses Are Preparing For Reopening

    Soon businesses will be reopening.  With so much information circulating about how to prepare, we compiled a list of the 13 best policies to put in place.  Here's what you need to do before reopening...
  • Face Masks, Why They Are Important

    It is EXTREMELY important that we follow the face mask requirements set forth in certain towns and states.  COVID 19 can be contained if we work together by taking the precautionary measures like wearing face masks, washing our hands, and continuing to social distance.  Find out exactly how face masks and coverings protect us and those around us from contracting COVID 19.  
  • How To Disinfect An Office

    If we’ve learned anything at all from the COVID19 Pandemic, it's the major need to implement better practices when it comes to disinfecting.  Most of us spend more time at work than we do in our own homes.  Making it a major priority that we disinfect our workplaces properly and as frequently as possible.