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Face Masks, Why They Are Important

As of April 18th the Governor of Rhode Island has required all employers of customer-facing businesses, offices, nonprofits, manufacturers, construction businesses, etc. to provide face coverings for their employees.  All Rhode Island residents and residents of certain towns in Massachusetts are required to wear face masks while in public places like grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.  The following Massachusetts towns have also set face covering requirements; Beverly, Brookline, Framingham, Medford, Middleton, Northampton, North Reading, Peabody, and Westport.

In order to avoid a $50 fine, it is important to follow this requirement.  More importantly, it is vital that we wear masks to protect each other and ourselves.  Most of us are anxiously awaiting life to return back to normal, this will take much longer if we do not follow this significant precautionary measure.  It is in the best interest of our families, neighbors, and entire communities, that we contain the virus and distance ourselves.  

COVID-19 is commonly transmitted via droplets that fly out of our mouths, not only from coughing or sneezing but even when we speak.  These tiny droplets quickly evaporate and turn into tiny particles that can then be inhaled by anyone nearby.  Not to mention, COVID 19 can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours!  Needless to say, masks can seriously help contain the spread.  More so, in the way that it prevents those who are infected or asymptomatic from sharing it


Protect yourself and others by wearing face coverings or masksThank you to all of the medical professionals working extremely hard to help those of us who are in need and risking their lives everyday!  Thank you to all of the first responders risking their lives during this difficult time and everyday to keep us safe!  

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