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How Businesses Are Preparing For Reopening

As many states across the country are planning to REOPEN many business owners are planning for what that should look like.  Every business wants to provide the safest environment for welcoming back employees and customers.  There is a ton of information about what businesses are currently using and planning to implement for the foreseeable future.  Below we have compiled a list of all the latest highly recommended policies.  
Here is a list of new policies being implemented:
  1. Keep waiting areas empty
  2. By appointment only, when possible
  3. Set time limits on shopping 
  4. Continuing to follow Social Distancing Requirements
  5. Providing the appropriate PPE, specific to the type of business
  6. Spreading desks, tables, and seating areas at least six feet apart
  7. Following any capacity requirements, specific to each state
  8. Choose a COVID 19 specialist to stay informed of cases in the area
  9. Make sure employees are aware of where to get lab testing 
  10. Check for symptoms to quickly detect new cases
  11. Provide basic infection control training
  12. Reinforce your cleaning routines, more frequently and strategically
  13. Have clear and concise messages on signage at entry points

50% of business owners are excited to reopen while the remaining 50% of business owners are uncomfortable with reopening, stating it is too soon.  What matters most is that we think strategically about how to make reopening a successful transition.  While preparing remember the importance of following the guidelines, the value of PPE, finding and disinfecting all high touch surfaces.  The more we prepare, the better the opportunity we will have for success.

We are staying informed on all the latest guidelines.  Let us help you get ready to welcome your clients and employees back into a safe environment!

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